High Tea: L’Espalier



I am endeavoring to find the best High Tea in Boston.  I rate the experience on a multi-pronged scale.  Soon I will put together a more formalized chart to help you determine which is the best establishment for you.  But, for now, let me tell you about one of my favorites, L’Espalier.
At the beginning of your tea, they bring you blossoms to set in glasses of hot water.  These blossoms are tea flowers and they open up as the meal unfolds.  They add a beautiful centerpiece and a tasty hot drink to the experience.  Unusual at L’Espalier are both the chicken curry finger sandwiches and the cheese course, neither of which I had at High Tea before.  I loved the chicken curry, but was excited to discover my favorite new cheese, Moses Sleeper by Jasper Hill.

Just so you know, I rate High Tea based on the service, the sandwiches, the pastries, the overall room aesthetic and view, and variety of teas on offer.  L’Espalier’s menu included excellent sandwiches and delicious pastries but they were not your traditional fare; I loved the chicken curry but missed my beloved egg salad sandwich.  The view of Boylston Street was lovely, especially because we were lucky enough to get a window seat.  The staff was most excellent; we had a really good waitress who treated me like a real person, and that counts a lot in my book.

At the end of High Tea, I just *had* to fill out the comment card and give them my e-mail address so I could be stay informed about upcoming events.


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