From Time to Time, I Like to Run


From time to time, I like to run races with my mom.  She is awesome.  She has great running form, and has run many marathons, aka, two.  Here are three that I recommend:

Atlanta’s Thanksgiving Day 5K, is a three mile race that runs throughout Atlanta.  It’s not the most scenic race, and it has a lot of hills, but it lets you earn your turkey!  You do pass one building with a golden roof, and that’s really cool to see.  Plus, you get to run under the Olympic Rings.  But, if you do it, bring a sweater because the starting gets cold.  Some people choose runners’ gear to wear, but I always opt for fashion.


Post Run Medals

Run for the Troops, a three mile race that travels throughout the streets of Andover, is a race that raises money for soldiers injured in Iraq or Afghanistan.  The start of the race has a bagpipe and drum corps, followed by a parade of soldiers.  Throughout the course, there are many American flags in the yards of the neighborhood, and the race finishes under a giant American flag suspended by a crane.  All the finishers get medals, which I like because the medals always have designs representing the race or its mission

Super Duper Heroes

Superhero 5K, is only the best 5K around.  Loads and loads of insane people race through the streets of Cambridge, dressed in the craziest of costumes.  There aren’t medals for finishers, but there are prizes both for the fastest and also the best costumed.  Last year, our friends dressed as Viking Quest and won the family prize!  My family went as superheroes because we are, you know, super!


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