Color Me Tobe!

ImageI ran the Color Me Rad race with my mom, my friend Nayla, and her mom Jameila.    You start the run in clean white clothes and you end looking like a real live rainbow!

Before you start, while picking up your bib, you get to watch the people who started in the earlier wave times, and they are all bright and colored and it makes you excited.  It’s like a pep talk with no words.


As my mom would say, “It’s a supposedly fun thing we’ll probably never do again.”  One reason is because the first mile, and then later in the race, there wasn’t enough to keep you going.  There were no big clouds of color in front of you, so there was limited incentive to keep going.  It’s all about the color bombs, after all!

But, all in all, it was really fun.  I’d encourage you do definitely do it at least once.


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