Kayaks and Tacos: A Perfect Combination

IMG_6899Renting kayaks under the sun is a nice to-do.  We kayaked from the put-in spot near the club through the arboretum, where we ran into my grandparents who took our picture.  I was in a double kayak with my dad, and we were very fast together, as we are both very good motors.  The back person (him) gets the foot pedals for steering, and the front person (me) gets to be the extra motor.  By the time we got back to he dock, we had built up quite an appetite.  Luckily, the Agua Verde is known for delicious fish tacos, but I decided to ditch that and split a puerco burrito and some shrimp tacos with my mom.  If you go, make sure to get the chips and guac, because said guac is filled with enormous chunks of onions and avocado deliciousness, and fresh tomatoes and cilantro.  (Luckily, I wasn’t sitting too close to anyone on the way back!)


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