High Tea at the Heathman

IMG_2645The Heathman Hotel in Portlandia is famous for its High Tea.  There was an option to get the traditional tea, or the little kid version: a Peter Rabbit with peanut butter and jelly and “ants on a log.”  We decided to get the adult version, of course, and I chose the best tea at the table: citrus nectar, which was so sweet it didn’t even need honey.  The Heathman tea comes with deviled eggs, cucumber and watercress sandwiches, smoked chicken pita pockets, and salmon profiteroles.  The scones were some of the best I’ve ever had, and the waitress explained that the accompanying mascarpone was like “cream cheese and butter had a delicious baby!”  My mouth waters even at the concept.  On my Toby Tea Rating System, I give it a nine: awesome service, awesome food, awesome tea, awesome room, except, sadly, no egg salad sandwich.


2 thoughts on “High Tea at the Heathman

  1. I know you are only eight, but it will serve you well to know how to spell mascarpone. Don’t trust anyone who says marscapone. Not at all.

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