Be Your Own Bombshell

IMG_2642This upcoming school year is going to be the year of my new look.  I’ll be starting with checked shirts and shorts and loose ties in the fall, to longer shirts and pants and tighter ties in the winter, and shorts and tee shirts and neon belts as summer approaches.  This year I’m going to experiment with my hair, but not the kind where I put it up in a million elastic bands like when I was in lower elementary, but the kind where cut it different ways and slick it and pouf it, befitting a boy of upper elementary age.  The first stop on my back-to-school shopping excursion was Bombshell Vintage, in Portland.  They have mostly vintage clothing for adults, but they did have some thin ties from the 30’s, the 50’s, and some mixed generations, as well as a sweet fedora that I promised my mom that I would wear every day of the winter, such was my love-at-first-sight for it.


4 thoughts on “Be Your Own Bombshell

  1. Hi Toby! Love the blog, and reading about all of your adventures in Portland has bumped it way up on my list of places to visit! Can’t wait to see your new look next week! ❤ Ms. Caitlin

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