Get Panached!

photo[3]My friend Bre runs a company called PanacheBox, and when she saw my blog, she asked if I could give her my Toby’s Take on her work.  Luckily, I was about to go out to dinner with the Boston Globe, and I needed something to wear!  Bre emailed me a number of potential different looks for the night, and together we chose something that I thought would show that I was sophisticated, and chic, and that I take my style seriously.  Of course, I accessorized my PanacheBox with my own PanacheTobe; I love those shoes and had just bought that hat at a consignment store in Seattle.  But I love the idea of getting a package at my door every quarter — and every the packages have panache — with a variety of clothes and styles that are chosen just for me.  I only wish she made them in my size but, alas, I am just a little too old and have to rely on myself for most of my style.

If you have kids and think they deserve to be as stylish as you (or me!), check out PanacheBox.  And tell them you want to get panached like me!photo[4]


2 thoughts on “Get Panached!

    1. Thanks, Bre! My mom showed me the “As seen in…” page. Thank you for dressing me for The Boston Globe. I really liked the clothes and the process was fun. I’m putting you on my special list because you are cool and awesome and fun and cool and awesome and fun all over again.

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