Ribelle Yum Yum!

Tonight we went to Ribelle in Brookline and we had food that was both extraordinary and unique. Our dishes included gnocchi with lobster fra diablo and brussels sprouts and some of the best pork chop in mushroom ragout ever. We started with garlic knots, kale in quinoa and oyster crema, and a vegan carrot with hazelnut purée that changed my entire perspective on carrots!

My favorite part of the restaurant was the vibe. The walls were covered in grass cloth wallpaper and the chandeliers were sculptural and reflected light around the common table that accommodated us as walk-ins. Their public materials says that they take reservations, but that walk-ins are their favorites, and we felt that way for sure.

For desert we went a little off script. I got the coffee cake, but my brother ordered the truffle egg bread from the appetizer menu. That dish could serve as breakfast, lunch, or dinner!



4 thoughts on “Ribelle Yum Yum!

  1. Thanks for the Toby Take on Ribelle. I have checked it out, too, and I also loved the vibe. I would definitely go again. Especially if the hot date who took me there the first time invited me. He was very cute. And — you might appreciate this sartorial flourish — he had on a pair of classic converse sneakers with his worn-in khaki’s, white buttoned-down shirt and well-fitted navy linen blazer (with two side vents). The one disappointing note to the evening for us was that the olive oil ice cream was sold out. Speaking of good vibes, that dish is getting lots of it. From A Big Toby Fan, kbb

    1. Hi KBB! I’m sorry that they were out of olive oil ice cream. As a question, did get the truffle toast or the garlic knots? About your date, he sounds like he has very good taste, so I’m sure he’ll ask you out again. Unless you had too many garlic knots…

  2. Jr. Sartorialist: In fact, we did get the garlic knots. And since we ordered them together — and both ate them — I believe it was a bonding experience. And he has asked me out again, so clearly he does have very good taste. wink, wink

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