Pop Quiz! Book Review.

I thought I would tell you about some of the books that I have recently enjoyed reading.

1. N.E.R.D.S. (National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society) 


NERDS is a series of books about school kids who have special powers because of things that other people would use to classify them as nerds, like braces with cool gadget thingies that can do anything.  In the stories, the kids save the world from evil scientists.   What sets the books apart is that the author, Michael Buckley, weaves historical figures into the tales. In his day, George Washington was one of the NERDS’ most trusted associates.

2. The Penderwicks

penderwicksThe Penderwicks, by Jeanne Birdsall, is a story about a family with four daughters.  Their usual vacation house in Cape Cod was sold out at the last minute by their greedy landlord so, instead, they find a beautiful estate in Arrundel, where they daughters explore the immense grounds and meet a very interesting boy named, Jeffrey.  Jeffrey is the son of the owner of Arrundel, and warns the girls to stay out of trouble.  You don’t want to get on the bad side of Jeffrey’s mother!  One exciting part is the day that Mrs. Tifton, Jeffrey’s mother, has judges coming over for a garden contest, but the girls have to cover up their disruption of the flowers from the day before.  But will they be able to conceal themselves in time to get out of further trouble?

3. Ballet Shoes

balletThis book, written in 1937, was brought to my attention by the “inside the cover” list of other Yearling Books in The Penderwicks.  Even if you did not know when it was published, you could tell that Noel Streatfield wrote it a long time ago because of the way the author describes the clothing, the setting, and the formality of the titles before people’s names.  The story is about three girls who are brought home, each from different origins: Pauline, from a lifeboat of a sinking ship; Petrova, from Russia; and Posy, who has the heritage of a famous dancer.  When their adoptive father departs on an expedition, leaving them alone but with enough money for five years, they have a perfect life until the sixth year when he does not return.  At that point — Pauline is about nine years old, Petrova seven, and Posy only four — they begin to take in boarders and sell their belongings to get money.  The only proper school they go to is the Children’s Academy of Dance and Stage Training, where Posy excels at dance and the founder of the school gives her half day lessons every day.  In the end, their father returns and the girls’ dreams come true: Pauline becomes an actress, Petrova studies flying, and Posy dances with world famous dancers.

Reading is one of my main hobbies and my parents think that it is funny that they need to yell at me and my brother to stop reading.  My mom says I eat books for breakfast.  I encourage you to pick up one of these books if you get a chance.


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