Community Serving

ImageSometimes it’s nice to do something for other people.  This weekend we went with our friends, the Hoffmans, to the Yawkey Family Inn, which houses families while their children are at Boston Children’s Hospital receiving world class medical services.  We cooked dinner for 50, all of the families staying there.  We served pasta with pesto or bolognese sauces, caprese skewers, two different types of salad, and brownies and a variety of cookies.  A lot of the families were happy that we were there, both because of the dinner but also because their kids had new kids to play with.  Some of the kids were playful, while others smiled a lot but didn’t move off their couches; some kids were siblings and some kids were patients, and some of the sick kids weren’t sick in their playing limbs but in other parts of their bodies.

In our perfect lives, opportunities to give back remind us of how much we have to give.  It’s not that hard to find something you can give, even if it means you have to miss Dance Team to do it.  And if you are compelled to give, look at this list of what the Yawkey Family House needs.


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