A Gift to the Animals

WWF-100x80I’ve written before about my stylish friend Bre, the one that has taken my photo multiple times and dressed me for my dinner with The Boston Globe.  Her company, PanacheBox, is running a special holiday promotion that benefits a number of charities.  She has asked some celebrity types to agree to put together a customized box of stylish clothing whose proceeds will directly underwrite a charity they love.

Toby-100x80Guess what?  She asked me, and I said yes, and I chose the World Wildlife Fund; the lucky giftee will not only get my selection of 10 pieces of super fantabulous clothing, but will also get to chose which animal they would like to help save, and receive a plush animal of the same type, and the certificate of support from the Fund.  It would make the perfect holiday gift for the stylish young sartorialist in your life.  Check out this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put a little panache in your Christmas stocking and a little good cheer in your heart!


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