Paradise Found

For Thanksgiving, our family went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  We stayed at the Club Med, which is about the best hotel a kid could wish for.  They have many activities, including trapeze, bungee jumping, and water activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing.  The trapeze was my favorite activity, but I liked the bigger trapeze better because you can have more momentum.  Check me out here: 

Since it was a French hotel, but in a Spanish speaking country, with international guests, there were many languages spoken all around us, and there wasn’t a traditional Thanksgiving dinner either (though the staff said they needed to have a turkey or the Americans would riot). I had the grilled mahi mahi and conch stew instead. One day for lunch I had an amazing rice stir fry with garlic, soy sauce, beef, mushrooms, and onions.  And, there were lots of make-your-own options, like the salad bar or omelette station.  The resort was for all ages and eaters, since there was something there for everyone.

It was my Grandma Shelly’s 70th birthday, too.  When she was 70, my GG Rose’s grandkids (that’s my great grandmother), wrapped her in 70 lottery tickets and, this year, we made it a family tradition by doing the same for Grandma Shelly.  She won $40, but we got the fun of scratching them off.



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