Books for the New Year

This year for Hanukah, I got a Kindle.  I love to read and my parents thought it would be easier for me when I travel to not have to schlep a million books in my heavy backpack.  I’ve read these three books since I got it, just a month ago.  I would recommend them all.

1. Black BeautyImage

Black Beauty, by Anna Sewell, is old.  You can tell.  It is about a horse in London who is born in a great farm. Black Beauty eventually has to leave his mom, like all little horses do, but goes to another good stable.  But, when the master of that stable leaves, Black Beauty is sold to a bad taxi service.  (The fact that there are still horse drawn taxis was how I knew it was old.)  Black Beauty was sold to more places, not all of which were the best.  Read Black Beauty to find out the rest of his adventures.

I liked the book because Black Beauty makes friends with everyone he meets, though not the mean grooms.  I also likes that while Black Beauty is sold so many times that he has at least seven names by the time that he dies, he remains Black Beauty inside.


2. A Little Princess; being the whole story of Sara Crewe now told for the first time

A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is a story about a little princess coming from India.  When the weather is too severe for her, she ends up at Miss Minchin’s Seminary School for Little Ladies, and where she is cared for by Miss Minchin, a greedy woman who gets millions from her father and takes the Little Princess under her wing only because she thinks it will benefit her in the future.  One day, Miss Minchin thinks that has hit diamond — I know it’s usually gold, but this is literally diamond — when Sara’s father has just found diamond mines, half of which are in Sara’s name.  When her father gets sick and dies, and the diamond mines are no longer hers, Miss Minchin banishes her to the attic to be a servant.  Sara prevails in the end, but not before there is magic in the book, which is always interesting in a book of historical fiction.

3. Recess RulesImage

In Recess Rules, by Jill Vialet, we get introduced to the Magruder School, where recess is horrible because of a boy named Marcus.  Marcus is a bully.  Red-headed Cassie (like me!) and her three friends, Toni, Zee, and Bryant cook up a plan try to save recess by hiding the ball that Marcus checked out, so he would get in trouble.  But Marcus decided to beat up Cassie after school instead.  I was worried by because of a scene that had happened earlier in the book — no spoilers! — I knew something interesting was about to happen.

What’s cool at the end of the book is that there is a lesson sheet of all of the games that have been played during the book, and it will be fun to take it to my school and teach all of my friends these games so we can also have a better recess.


One thought on “Books for the New Year

  1. If you like Black Beauty, I think you would love “Beautiful Joe.” it is written in a similar style, but is about a dog. It is one of my favorites!

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