The Freshest Neck

When I dress myself, I like to think about matching things I already own, with things I just got, with things that were made 50 years ago.


One of my Christmas gifts was a membership to FreshNeck, which is sort of like a Netflix for ties, cufflinks, and other men’s accessories like tie clips, pocket squares, lapel flowers, and suspenders.  You put something on a reserved list and when those things are back in the warehouse, they send them to you.  I can only some of them, like the tie clips and bow ties, because the site is really for grown men and the regular ties and suspenders, for example, will be too long.  As you know, I choose to wear a tie to school every day, and I am excited to have a FreshNeck all year so I don’t have to wear the same times over and over again.

You can “rent” at least four things at once and last night, on New Years Eve, I wore two of them, a matching purple wool bow tie and pocket square.  I had to research how to fold a pocket square, and learned that there are many ways to do so.  Some other things that I wore were silver filagree cufflinks with purple backdrops on my new pressed white french cuff shirt, and a checkered sport coat, some mahogany penny loafers, and a grey-brown vintage fedora tinged with purple.  (By the way, I learned that filagree means intricate metalwork designs.)  The bow tie and pocket square brought out the purple in my hat and really pulled it all together.


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