Dinner and a Movie

1382953548_mr-peabody-sherman-2014-wallpaperI went to the movie theater with my family.  We saw Mr. Peabody and Sherman which is cool because it used to be a show on television when my parents were young, and now it is a movie. I liked it because it Mr. Peabody and Sherman time travel throughout history.  It is also  funny because Mr. Peabody always makes genius jokes that go over everyone else’s heads.  My favorite part was when Sherman and Penny traveled back to Egypt; it was funny to have historical figures modernized with the humor of today.

photo 2After the movie, we walked into Chinatown and went to Xinh Xinh.  We ate way too much food, because it was just irresistible (even after we ate large tubs of buttered popcorn).  The best dish was the duck salad, which had shredded cabbage, fried garlic slivers, carrots, bean sprouts, a tangy lime dressing, and delicious shrimp crackers on the side.   And, I put the peanut sauce that came with the fresh rolls on everything.  A classic must!


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