New Specs

photo 3 I recently procured three different types of new glasses from Warby Parker, each for different occasions, times, venues, or reasons.

First, I got purple round frames for more formal occasions and school, which I consider to be a daily formal occasion.  Check out my style here where I’m debuting early spring with a dark blue cable knit vest over a green and pink plaid shirt and royal blue trousers.  You can see my pastel pink tie peeking out.

photo 1Second, I got a pair of square framed revolver black throwbacks.  I wear them in the afternoons mostly and when I want to be more funky than formal.  My mom tells me they are very Run-DMC and wants me to wear them this weekend with my pompadour, but I’m taking my grandmother to the ballet and that is too formal for funk.

Third, I have a pair of sweet sandalwood frame sunglasses which are, obviously, for outside.  When I want a little bit more of a formal look, I can transfer to my old glasses, which are still transitional lenses.  But, these three glasses from Warby Parker costs the same as that one old pair (which I kept breaking and my mom was tired of repurchasing).

photo 2

The coolest thing about buying from Warby Parker is that whenever you buy one pair of glasses, they donate one pair of glasses to someone in need.  They have donated over 500,000 pairs of glasses to people who don’t have them.  Did you know that glasses can increase one’s productivity by 20%?  That’s good looks that you can feel good about!



2 thoughts on “New Specs

  1. “First, I got purple round frames for more formal occasions and school, which I consider to be a daily formal occasion.”

    Yes! Thank you for making school a formal occasion.

    On the first day of school, I always remind my fifth graders that it is normal to dress up for important occasions. And I consider every day of teaching and learning to be important, so I’ll dress the part.

    I just discovered your blog today. Great work! I’m adding it to my “must-read list.”

    And by the way, that is an excellent selection of eyewear. I’ll have to give Warby Parker a try next time!

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