It’s Hip to Stitch

IMG_0013For Christmas, my grandma gave me a gift certificate to Hipstitch, which is a sewing studio and shop for people with all different skill levels.  Each time you go, you can do a fancier project; next time I am going to do a pillow with curves, and after that a bag.  On this visit, I created a rectangular blue pillow with applique and fancy stitch.  They have innumerable fabrics, and can do all sorts of interesting stitches, which is useful when you make stuffed animals and embroidery, though not clothes.  It was an amazing date with my grandma.



4 thoughts on “It’s Hip to Stitch

  1. It’s always amazing to have a date with you, Toby! But this was better than ever because I experienced it as another great step towards the design career I see in your future, and I was so happy to be there with you! I enjoyed making my project, too! I know you will soon be back at HipStitchers.

  2. So glad you enjoy Hipstitch! We have lots of exciting Summer projects awaiting! So come back and we can get designing those funky clothes you love so much! you will be the most stylish boy in Newton when were all done!
    One of the girls who works at Hipstitch has just gotten into Parson School of Design in NY because of her sewing and design skills she learnt at Hipstitch!
    Let us know when your 14 we have a job waiting for you, so that you can go to the best Fashion School in Ny as well!
    We hope to see you and your grandmother soon!Come to camp over the summer, you can come 9-1 or full day 9-4pm, then we can really get those creative juices flowing!!
    We look forward to seeing you and your grandmother soon!!
    Nicola and all the staff at Hipstitch.

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