FUN-raising at the West End House

Photo credit <a href="">Andrew Morgan</a>
Photo credit Andrew Morgan

I’ve always been asking my mom what she does when she goes to charity events.  Last weekend, because my dad was away, she invited me and my brother to be her dates to the West End House Boys and Girls Club, an event her firm was sponsoring.  I loved hanging out with all of her colleagues, like Allison (below), and taking selfies with them.10003989_832044818473_7878093266181495616_n

The West End House is a place where kids go to do after school activities, like swimming, cooking, arts & crafts, music, and homework. The event that we went to was their annual fundraising gala, which raises the money for all of the kids to do these fun activities.  There was an paddle-up auction which had a twist: every donation was entered into a drawing for additional prizes. The other great thing about the event was that the kids who attend the programs were the tour guides for the night, and they did an amazing job telling us all about the club.  It was awesome that they found a way to mix the fundraiser with the open house.

They also gave me and my brother lots of compliments on our outfits; my brother asked me to dress him, and he looked dashing.

Photo credit Andrew Morgan
Photo credit Andrew Morgan



2 thoughts on “FUN-raising at the West End House

  1. We had the best time with you and Ben! You were great dates. I’m still thinking about those short rib ravioli, too…

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