The Blooming Fashion Show

Yesterday I modeled in a Bloomingdales fashion show that was in support of the AsianTask Force Against Domestic Violence (ATASK).  ATASK serves Asian immigrants who are victims of domestic violence, 95% of whom are at or below the federal poverty rate, at three locations throughout Massachusetts.  My mother placed the Executive Director of ATASK several years ago, and has been active ever since.

The fashion show was split into three parts: if there were three ranks of fancy, the first one would be the middle, the second one would be the bottom, and the last one would be the top.  I modeled in the last part, a seersucker suit by Joseph Abboud, with a stiff collared white button down shirt, and a light blue bow tie with small white squares.  The squares had other smaller black or blue squares inside of them.  I wore my own white and blue saddle shoes and my black square chunky glasses.  I brought in both of my glasses and collected the opinions of the fashionable people who had picked out all of the outfits and clearly had good taste.  10250174_10152194104198392_5540787504273443473_nAll of this was described as we walked by the very fashionable emcee Janet Wu, who has a great voice and volunteered her precious time to support this important cause.

Since this was my first time modeling in a fashion show, I was very nervous.  I asked the same people I’d asked about the glasses, and I asked my mom, who was also modeling, and they showed me exactly what I should do.  They told me to walk down the fashion runway, stop in the middle, strike a pose, walk to the end of the fashion runway.  If you have a jacket on, unbutton it, stick your hand in your pocket, and walk back halfway.  At halfway, strike another pose, and then walk back into the changing rooms with the other models.  But don’t strike another pose at the end!  Like many firsts, as you do it, it gets more and more fun so you aren’t nervous at all.


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