Do You Like My Party Hat?

Marie Galvin founded a company called Galvinized Headwear and designs hats, fascinators, and headpieces for special occasions.  She makes each one, individually and by hand, in her shop at the back of the store.  If you are going to the Party in the Park, this is the perfect shopping stop.

ImageWhile her hats are amazing, I love her fascinators.  This is a peacock feather fascinator with a little black bow and some lace.  It would look perfect of someone who is wearing a blue, green, or teal dress, and would offset well with blonde or red hair.

ImageBut her hats are stunning as well.  This is a black hat made of a little meshy material with thin twig-like decor springing from the top and a tulle veil hanging down.  Imaging wearing this to a party!

When I was there last weekend, I got to meet Marie herself.  She was nice and fashionable, and had great taste while picking out a hat for my mom.  She was also wearing one of her creations, which was a black hatinator, kind of a combinator between a hat and a fascinator, with a fishnet veil.  The piece definitely fit her complexion and looked fabulous!


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