My First Collection

All year, I have been working on different fashions and recently, at the Upper Elementary Showcase of art, woodworking, and just regular classwork, I showed my four dresses.

The first one I called “Into the Air.”  It is a model holding a human-sized balloon, which is bigger than the doll’s body, wearing a red tasseled skirt with a blue and white halter top with red accents and a rather long peplum cut in the back.

The second one I called “Spring Masquerade,” which is a flowered pink gown with a scoop neck and a large pink tissue paper bow hat and a small lace veil.  The skirt was a cascade of layers.

The third one I called “Princess of the Isles,” not princess of the supermarket aisles, or I’d have to make her a grocery cart!  The top and the pencil skirt are made out of blue stretching fabric.  I put a pink star in the middle of the cut-out top, and made a golden wire tiara that had a matching star on it (before it fell off).

The fourth one I called “A Winter’s Day.”  It was a fleece sleeveless gown with a attaching crimped hat and muff, and a peekaboo salmon skirt underneath.  You can’t see it in this picture, because it’s peekalicious.  This one was by far my favorite.

collectionWhile making these all year in art class, I discovered the ups and owns of making doll dresses.  Sometimes it’s easy and you just play with whatever shape of fabric you have, like Princess of the Isles, and sometimes you have to change things.  For example, you won’t believe this, but what is not the top of Into the Air used to be the skirt, and the skirt used to be a little shawl!

What I’m really interested in learning, though, is how designers go from this stage of the process, to getting their actually real size person dresses purchased from stores.  When I grow up and after I go to fashion design school, that’s what I want to do.



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