Double Secret Delicious

Last night I went to Alden & Harlow, in Harvard Square. The type of food they serve varies from secret burgers to poached quails eggs on grilled asparagus to squid salad to bone marrow. The vibe is hipster chic with gorgeous woodwork which looks to be reclaimed materials. One of the coolest things to see in the restaurant are the shelves that hold their pickling jars; the amuse bouche for the table was a plate of pickled green beans. Yum!


A note on bone marrow: this is a new discovery for me. Let me try to pull the flavor back into my mind to write this. It is a little of everything. It is sweet and savory and lip smackingly rich. It was a new revolution for Tobykind.

The menu always has a secret burger but tonight there was a secret burger and a double secret burger. We got the double secret burger which had, drum roll please, chips and three onion dip and a gruyere crisp actually on the burger. Mind blown! We got one as a communal dish for the table and feasted on the homemade potato chips until the New York strip arrived.


I also appreciate that the chef sent me a special dish to try: his corn pancakes with popcorn and syrup. My brother loved these and thought they were scrumptious. And so I. Those pancakes were better than most diner pancakes, and I like diner pancakes.


All in all, this meal is not one I will forget soon. I recommend you go and always share the love, aka food!


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