Today my TEDxCambridge talk went live online! Image Many people helped me in the preparation for this talk, most importantly Tamsen Snyder Webster, the executive producer of TEDxCambridge.  She took me (and the other speakers) through a series of phases of preparation, including forming my pyramid, developing my transition chart, and then, finally, finding a beginning and ending. ImageThe dress rehearsal was the day before.  It felt really weird having a mouth microphone attached to my face.  It made my ear itchy.  All of the speakers practiced their full talks, and Tamsen gave us tips on how to do it better.  I was able to incorporate these tips into my last practice presentation the next day, just before the big show. Image Lastly, I’d also like to thank my mom for helping me and coaching me through all of this, and helping me remember all my lines, and helping me with my slides, and especially when I was discouraged.  And, I’d like to thank the other speakers, too.  One of them, Max Tegmark, saw that I was very nervous before I was supposed to go on stage.  But, Max took me, and the other speakers, through a 20-second meditation that did the trick.  I am also grateful to Hamid Ghanadan, who made sure I remembered to hit the men’s room before being up in lights, and Tom Asacker, who was keeping the mood light by doing magic tricks backstage.  You should really check out their talks, plus Sebastien Christian, Christopher Ahlberg, and Maggie Campbell, who also gave compelling and inspiring talks. This was an incredible opportunity to be able to talk to the other speakers and listen to their ideas.  I hope you’ll check them out!


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