I’m CRAVING Korean Chicken!

photo 1

Last night I went to Crave-Mad for Chicken and we ordered some mad (soy garlic) and angry (spicy garlic) chicken. We stayed away from the furious (extra spicy garlic) because the angry was spicy enough. Our waitress was Sasha, who knew all the good things on the menu, so while thinking about what to order, we asked ourselves “WWSO?” (What Would Sasha Order? because “SKO!” Sasha Knows Best!)

photo 2

Mad for Chicken is Korean chicken, double-fried and extra seasoned. They also have a wide variety of sushi, all named after characters on TV shows that I am too young to watch, like House of Cards (the Underwood), Scandal (B-6-13), Game of Thrones (Kingslayer), and Breaking Bad (S’All Goodman). My favorite roll, and Sasha’s too, was Crave is the New Black, which had salmon, cucumber, tempura flakes, topped with orange and black tobiko. It was served with a nest of radish and flowers wrapped around a glowing cube, for a fun effect.

The restaurant only opens a weeks ago — I like to be on the cutting edge — and I’m told that they will debut their fuller, newer, yummier menu next week which looks from their website to promise tuna candy pops, spicy octopus noodles, and seafood pancakes. Mmmm, it’s going to be so good.


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