Design + Science = Descience!

Last week I went to MIT and met with Yuly Fuentes-Medel, founder of the Descience Project.  (She saw me give my TEDxCambridge talk and wanted to meet me!) Yuly gave me a tour of MIT’s world famous Media Lab, where I got to see 3-D printers and brushes that after touching any material would paint their patterns on computer screens.  My favorite was a dress that someone had created straight our of a formula.

But, I was there to see Fashion Descience, a project which combines fashion and research to inspire innovation among designers.  The Descience process is made out of four steps: Inspiration, connection, collaboration, and a runway show. Through these steps a scientist will create a profile and then the designers will “shop” for inspiration, collaborating along the way, and finally creating something beautiful from the scientist’s research.

The looks will be modeled on the runway on September 19th.  Make sure you visit their site and vote for your favorite team.  The team with the most votes will be named “Peoples Choice” and win $500.  I also encourage you to donate and get involved and even attend so that we can make it a fantastic night.


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