Emcee Toby, Replete in Cobalt Suede

10313629_10153345314003484_685582491263936680_nThis past Monday, I emceed the Descience Fashion Show at the Media Lab at MIT. It was one of the major Boston Fashion Week shows. The three people with whom I worked most closely were Patricia, Yuly, and Claire. They involved me in thinking about how the fashion show would work and helping to set the agenda. Patricia and Claire helped me with my lines and made sure I got super good at them, and Yuly gave me a tour of the behind the scenes of the Media Lab.

The overall experience was a little bit hectic at the fashion show (and definitely at rehearsal), figuring out some things that we hadn’t quite figured beforehand and the nerve-wracking moments thinking through the lines with my partner emcee Cindy Reed, but the end product of the fashion show was astounding and it worked out perfectly.

10629703_10153160003977802_678831415616408043_nThe judges were an impressive group: Michele Finamore, Fashion Curator of the MFA (and one of the super nice women who showed me the building of Hollywood Glamour), Jay Calderin, founder of Boston Fashion Week (who has invited me to some shows this week — can’t wait!), Gabriel Victora of the Whitehead Institute, Sangetta Bhatia, one of the ten most influential women in biotech, and Francesca Amfitheatrof, design director at Tiffany (fancy!).

At the end of the show, I got to pull the winner from the golden envelope, Oscar-style. I’ve been to many fashion shows, but being onstage is such a different perspective,1455119_10153345328528484_4280113746397127126_n and a lot more fun. This was an educational experience and I would definitely do it again!


3 thoughts on “Emcee Toby, Replete in Cobalt Suede

  1. Dear Tobias,
    You are the future and we are so grateful for you sharing your enthusiasm and creativity with us. Stay in touch
    Descience Team

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