And the winners are…

The winners of Descience runway show were:

For Most Inspirational Outfit, Chosen By The Prestigious Panel: Cytocouture, the one male-modeled outfit, a unisex Transformable/Reversible clothing system.  I would wear this, but maybe in a different configuration, as it doesn’t work well with fifth grade gym.10641157_666292766866_2588242958729840081_n

And For Peoples Choice, chosen by the jury of the world, one of my favorites, Orphacure.  It was designed by Candice Wu, whom I’ve blogged about in the past, and was inspired by cerebral cavernous malformation and endothelial cells.10150517_666293096206_7301821744863696086_n

My favorite design, however, was Cryptic, a beautiful flowing design inspired by dynamic nuclear envelope.  My favorite part of this outfit was the necklace, which was made to look like the outside of the envelope and was a perfect finishing touch to this outfit.


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