Luke Aaron (or The Person Whose Job I Want to Have One Day)

10653566_748635115209078_8050437037147690274_nLuke Aaron, a special occasion designer, had a gallery style fashion show at the Union Club in Boston. I have some opinion on gallery style shows, and there are some pros and cons. The pro is that you get to look at the fashions for a longer amount of time, but the con is that there is not as much movement to the materials as you would see when the models walk.

Luke’s dresses are the kind that you would wear as a guest to a fancy wedding, but you’d still like a magical princess.  My favorite dress t-collar chevron paneled dress with a full skirt, made out of storm grey sea cliff silk jacquard with platinum silk/wool body, fully lined in silk. 10369567_10153188042992802_7450451168223694700_nJacquard, for those of you whom don’t know (and I didn’t know until I looked it up) is a fabric with an intricate patten woven into it, as opposed to printed on top of it.

While at the show, I met Candice Wu (who I wrote about after Boston Fashion Week 2012) and Janet Wu, a fabulously smart and stylist, who by the way is a local news reporter for WHDH-7 and is Toby-sized without her awesome shoes, and Luke Aaron himself, and took a picture with all them on the Wu Phone. (Pronounced Wuuuuu Phone!)10717939_10154695178785534_1106780353_n


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