Ministry of Supply

10616109_10153188032572802_5752361919378963335_nOne of the most interesting Boston Fashion Week shows wasn’t even a show at all, but a tour of the Ministry of Supply store.  Gihan Amarasiriwardena, the CEO of Ministry of Supply, gave me a tour some pretty comfy socks.

He showed me several things that set his clothing apart.  From button down shirts with small, laser-cut holes under the arms for ventilation, to less formal shirts which get warm or cool depending on the weather, it was clear that they understand more than just fashion.

The coolest thing Gihan showed me were the water resistant pants, which allowed you to pour some water and just float it around on top of the pants, and it would roll right off and the pants would not be wet at all.  He showed me an experiment that they had set up in their shop, which explained how the pants work: it was a pump where you could pump air into a piece of fabric while there was water coming from the top, and showed how water resistant fabric could still be breathable.

10710655_10153188032577802_7923884414897460594_nBut the socks took it to a whole new level.  These socks were made from coffee beans! Ministry of Supply takes thread and ground up coffee beans (soaked to remove the coffee flavor) and melts them together, resulting in socks that are not not only comfortable but odorless.  The comfort pads in the socks and the javafresh technology make your feet feel like they are walking on stink-free air.

Formal clothes can be hot and uncomfortable, but through technology, Ministry of Supply is making them comfy and breathable. Sadly, they only thing from the store that fits me are the socks the Gihan gave me, but I bet my dad will be back (for grown up clothes and socks of his own).


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