Inspired by Beauty

10672382_10153194916797802_1689299058240384174_nCarla Fernandez was a fashion show that had beautifully flowing clothing, with intricate Latin American patterns that were inspired by the Spanish tiles inside the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. As an artist in residence, she not only took her inspiration from the museum but had her show hosted in the new entertainment space as well.  If you have time go check out the tiles and see the mermaids and lions for yourself.  But, go twice: once in the day to see all the natural light flow and examine the collections, and once at night to see how beautiful it is when lit up.  I couldn’t stop saying, “This is so beautiful!” as I walked through her whole house.

Carla’s fashions stood out to me because of the beautiful draping.  You have to really understand fabric and cutting and sewing and how it all lays to get that right.  I haven’t yet tried it, but I know from what Jay Calderin has told me, it’s not that simple.


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