The Week of Wonders (which is More Than a Week)

10614135_10152818556997265_795315760400786170_nDuring Boston Fashion Week, I was invited to a bunch of shows by Jay Calderin, the founder of Boston Fashion Week himself!  He was incredibly kind and introduced me to everyone and saved me seats in the front row.  He also gave me two of his books, and inscribed them.  These books, The Fashion Design Reference & Specification Book and Fashion Design Essentials, show budding designers everything they need to know to become a designer.  I can’t wait to memorize them.

Though my BFW experience started with DeScience more than a week ago, the shows I attended with Jay were: the Launch, Ministry of Supply, Luke Aaron, Carla Fernandez. And, today I am going to Teen Talk.

Pretty much all the fashion shows were different in a cool kind of way.  Some of the shows were gallery style, while others were runway shows.  One of the shows, Ministry of Supply, wasn’t even a show at all, but an explanatory tour around their super cool store. And others, like Carla Fernandez, were in interesting places and featured after parties like the one at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s garden.


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