A Different Kind of Beauty Sleep

ETC Sleeping Beauty 03webThe last time I went to Cincinnati to see my grandparents, I saw a musical. It was Sleeping Beauty, but in a different format than you would normally expect. It had the original fairytale, but also lots of comedy and many kinds of music and dancing, like ballet, jazz, rock, pop, and classical. They put on the show with a limited number of actors but made it look like they had a bustling cast; during intermission, a lot of the characters had to change and add and take away parts of their costume. For example, the person who played the king also played a thorn bush!

I am particularly interested in fashion design and costuming, as you know. One thing I liked was that the fairies had lights in their costumes that they could engage with small movements of their hands. I am going to be the sun god in a showcase at my school and I wish I had that feature.


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