Come to Comedor

Comedor is a new and upcoming restaurant in Newton Centre, and is a hip neighborhood hangout. It combines Chilean and American food, and is served tapas style, which is one of my favorite styles of food. Tapas style is excellent because it lets you try many more things than when you have to order one big dish.096-1024x683

The restaurant is owned by two of the chefs, a married couple names Jakob and Fernanda. I think it is interesting that Fernanda says that she is an avid yoga practitioner on their website, and that this makes her stay calm in the kitchen. The whole staff is talented and friendly, including Jeff, who recommended both of my favorite dishes: the Lamb Cazuela, which was slowly stewed and served with root vegetables and cilantro, and the Tempura Fried Brownie, which practically explains itself.

I always enjoy when I go to a restaurant and can see how they make things. Comedor has an open-kitchen concept, so you get to see everything and watch them cook. And, you can watch Fernanda stay calm with her yoga skills.

I highly recommend this restaurant to you.


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