Table2Farm = Yummy2Belly

My brother Benji ready to eat!

My friend Chef Mike Betts’s farm dinner showcased delectable, edgy cuisine in a beautiful outdoor farm setting. As the night got darker, it was really cool how the stars illuminated the whole sky and, combined with water candles (which my mom blew up), provided light for the table.  Here were some of the highlights for my tastebuds:
IMG_0484The first dish that we had was chicken lever mousse, which was whipped to perfection and was a pillowy treat atop perfectly buttered crostini.  As we sat down to the table, which was wooden planks perched upon hay bales, one of my favorite dishes was the four tomato plate with lemon basil, burnt ham, and tomatoes that were like flavor bombs.  The last dish of the evening was chocolate beet puree cake with candied beets and a merengue cookie crisp, which brought the night to a close with a sweet ending.

IMG_0418 2During dinner, we took an interesting tour of the farm and saw the garden where most of the vegetables and fruit grew. Another one of the cool ingredients that were sprinkled into all of the courses were microgreens, grown by Matt from Greens Above Ground.  I didn’t know much about microgreens, and I liked that he took the time to explain them to me as he was cutting them for pretty plating.

Pretty plating makes food even more all around awesome !


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