Thanksgiving Costume Party

This year my family hosted Thanksgiving at our house. While we were planning logistics and the menu, I had the idea of doing a Thanksgiving Costume Party. I first polled some of the group for interest, and then sent out an email making sure that everyone would come in American history attire.

12308276_10208072983802626_3130054332369235936_nWe had a great diversity of costumes including Typhoid Mary (my mom, because she was the cook!), Eleanor Roosevelt (my grandmother in a second hand mink at all), Sacajawea (my other grandmother with a feathered cap), Mr. Rogers and Charles Lindbergh (my two grandfathers).12250051_10208072983762625_8411954437110262272_n

I chose to go as Walt Disney because of his great imagination.  One of the things I like best about myself is my great imagination, so I couldn’t think of a more perfect costume for me. 12193861_10156219639870013_5367460334026554601_n


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