Christmas in Porkopolis

During winter break my family went to Park City, Utah on vacation to go skiing. We had picked perfect days to go there because it did not stop snowing. I love skiing because of the rush you get wile speeding down the hill really fast and because of all of the beautiful views.

11766785795_3ff47a9b22_k-300x199.jpgAfter our four day trip to Utah we all went back to Cincinnati, Ohio where my grandparents live. In Cincinnati, I got to visit my grandparents and all of my
family over a succession of christmas parties.  Over christmas we went to the Festival of Lights where they hang lights EVERYWHERE around the Cincinnati Zoo. It is absolutely dazzling!  My favorite part is the the big tree in the middle of the lake where they play music and the tree lights up in crazy ways.

I love the Festival of Lights because of just how whimsical the zoo becomes. It feels like you are stepping into another world.


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