Traveling in Tobyland

This weekend I was thinking about my future and into my mind came the Toby Hotel, which is a land, air, and sea operation which involves five star cruise ships, five star airplanes, and five star hotels. Everyone of the Trifecta will have unique factors but will still have some similar elements.

The first part of the operation is land. These hotels will have locations in Tokyo, NYC, Rio, LA, France, Boston, and Milan. When you walk into the hotel there will be ceiling high waterwalls on either side of you and then a table with seasonal flower arrangements and huge chandeliers. The best rooms in the hotel are the four ones on the top floor. They each have four bedrooms and bathrooms, a lounge with floor to ceiling windows, and a dining room with fabulous views. On the second to top floor there is a big pool with rivers leading to hot tubs. There is also a gym with 360 views and 3 different restaurants.

The airplanes are decently small but are very luxurious. When you board the plane you are gifted with designer toiletry kits and pjs made of the finest Italian silk. The airplane has ten guest suites which are all lined up along the perimeter of the cabin, a bar and a lounge. Inside the guest suites There is not only a seat but a seat and a bed, there is also, a tv, storage drawers, vases of fresh flowers, and a table for dining.

The last part of the chain are the cruise ships. There are family cruise ships and then the adult only cruise ships. On the family cruise ships there is a Flowrider which is a surf imitator, Three pools and then one adults pool, seven waterslides, four dining halls which include a formal dining room, an around the world rotating buffet, a desert hall which include a make your own cupcake bar and a sweet crepe bar, the last dining hall is a theatre dining room which is where you eat and watch shows depending on the night like how on Monday it is a Broadway musical and on Thursday it is figure skating. The ship also includes a grand promenade lining the inside of the ship. On the adults ship There are three restaurants inside the ship and then one restaurant on the top deck, also on the top deck there are five jacuzzis with rivers flowing between them. There are three decks with rooms and the higher deck you are on the fancier the room. The fanciest room onboard includes a full king bed, a full living room, a bathroom adorned with a massive jacuzzi style bathtub, A hollywood style vanity, and buttons to do things such as: summon a hairdresser, makeup or nail professional to fix you up. The room also includes a barbie style closet stocked rent the runway style, and a dining room with ocean views, but if you are going to be dining in your room you are going to need a fabulous room service menu which includes food styles from all around the world.

Be sure to book now because reservations are going fast!


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