Rock the Guac!

Recently I have been making a lot of guacamole with a new recipe that I created myself.  It includes avocados, diced onions, garlic powder, chili powder, cilantro, and salt.  I did not start putting in chili powder or garlic powder until my friend Jeremy, who grew up in Southern California, suggested I might add some.  I did, and it tasted ten times better.

image1Some restaurants or stores make their guacamole very chunky, and some make it very smooth; I like to make mine with small chunks of avocado, but not so big that you are just eating avocado with seasoning.  A note about the salt is that you should always make sure whether or not your chips are salted, or else the salt in the guac might be underwhelming or overwhelming.

Everyone likes their guacamole differently, so the trick to a good guacamole is tasting as you go.  Adios, and good luck with your guac-making!


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