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Rock the Guac!

Recently I have been making a lot of guacamole with a new recipe that I created myself.  It includes avocados, diced onions, garlic powder, chili powder, cilantro, and salt.  I did not start putting in chili powder or garlic powder until my friend Jeremy, who grew up in Southern California, suggested I might add some.  I did, and it tasted ten times better.

image1Some restaurants or stores make their guacamole very chunky, and some make it very smooth; I like to make mine with small chunks of avocado, but not so big that you are just eating avocado with seasoning.  A note about the salt is that you should always make sure whether or not your chips are salted, or else the salt in the guac might be underwhelming or overwhelming.

Everyone likes their guacamole differently, so the trick to a good guacamole is tasting as you go.  Adios, and good luck with your guac-making!

Snow Day Bakin’

This year for Christmas I got loads of cake decorating type presents, so I asked my mom if I could make her a birthday cake. When she said yes, I asked my friend Isabella if she wanted to bake it with me because she is a great baker. We had a snow day so she and her sister, Ava, came over and we baked and made fondant decorations. We decided to make a nature inspired cake with a waterfall and cherry blossoms. The hardest part was when we had to ice it because we couldn’t get it to smooth correctly.

I think that the cake looked great for our first time ever doing it.


Litte Diner, Big Taste

This evening we went to Little Big Diner, a little restaurant with big taste. My three highlights of the meal were crispy Berkshire pork ribs, the shrimp salad buns, and the miso ramen with grilled pork belly. I have a soft spot for any type of Chinese meat buns from eel to pork to shrimp. The pork in the miso ramen was super tender and it smacked of umami. The ribs were the star of the meal: they dry rub them and braise them and then they sit for two days before being pan fried and tossed in a Korean barbecue sauce. It opens at 5pm; get there early, we only just got in!

No 9 is No 1

Every year on new year’s eve my family and I go out for a fancy dinner. The last two years we have gone to No. 9 Park which is an amazing restaurant right on the Boston Common. On new year’s eve they have a fixed tasting menu including a  delicious mediterranean sea bass crudo, an aromatic parsnip agnolotti with winter truffles, and a duet of duck served roasted and confit.  I’ve never met a duck confit I didn’t love; it’s the best way to serve duck, in my opinion.FullSizeRender-1

While we were there one of the staff came up to me and asked if I was the Junior Sartorialist and it made me feel realy cool because he recognized me and my bowtie.

As an added touch, at the end of the meal, they gave the patrons boxes to take home; the boxes had a bloody mary mix and a wonderful scone and the menu of each person’s dinner.  Since each person’s dinner was different, depending on the choices and substitutions they made, they had to carefully plan who to give which box.  No. 9 Park definitely goes up as one of my all-time favorite restaurants.

Get in My Yummy

I absolutely love flying JetBlue because of the live TV. This summer, I was flipping through the channels and I found Food Network, which I knew existed but hadn’t been interested in until now. I’m suddenly finding myself passionate about cooking! The Food Network is a TV channel that offers shows about everything from Midwest cooking style to cooking at a summer camp to making cupcakes. My favorite shows are:Food Network

My favorite shows all include the element of surprise or an elimination factor that forces the cooks to be more stressed than in their usual setting. This seems to make them more creative because they are trying to go all out and win big.

Table2Farm = Yummy2Belly

My brother Benji ready to eat!

My friend Chef Mike Betts’s farm dinner showcased delectable, edgy cuisine in a beautiful outdoor farm setting. As the night got darker, it was really cool how the stars illuminated the whole sky and, combined with water candles (which my mom blew up), provided light for the table.  Here were some of the highlights for my tastebuds:
IMG_0484The first dish that we had was chicken lever mousse, which was whipped to perfection and was a pillowy treat atop perfectly buttered crostini.  As we sat down to the table, which was wooden planks perched upon hay bales, one of my favorite dishes was the four tomato plate with lemon basil, burnt ham, and tomatoes that were like flavor bombs.  The last dish of the evening was chocolate beet puree cake with candied beets and a merengue cookie crisp, which brought the night to a close with a sweet ending.

IMG_0418 2During dinner, we took an interesting tour of the farm and saw the garden where most of the vegetables and fruit grew. Another one of the cool ingredients that were sprinkled into all of the courses were microgreens, grown by Matt from Greens Above Ground.  I didn’t know much about microgreens, and I liked that he took the time to explain them to me as he was cutting them for pretty plating.

Pretty plating makes food even more all around awesome !

Come to Comedor

Comedor is a new and upcoming restaurant in Newton Centre, and is a hip neighborhood hangout. It combines Chilean and American food, and is served tapas style, which is one of my favorite styles of food. Tapas style is excellent because it lets you try many more things than when you have to order one big dish.096-1024x683

The restaurant is owned by two of the chefs, a married couple names Jakob and Fernanda. I think it is interesting that Fernanda says that she is an avid yoga practitioner on their website, and that this makes her stay calm in the kitchen. The whole staff is talented and friendly, including Jeff, who recommended both of my favorite dishes: the Lamb Cazuela, which was slowly stewed and served with root vegetables and cilantro, and the Tempura Fried Brownie, which practically explains itself.

I always enjoy when I go to a restaurant and can see how they make things. Comedor has an open-kitchen concept, so you get to see everything and watch them cook. And, you can watch Fernanda stay calm with her yoga skills.

I highly recommend this restaurant to you.