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Traveling in Tobyland

This weekend I was thinking about my future and into my mind came the Toby Hotel, which is a land, air, and sea operation which involves five star cruise ships, five star airplanes, and five star hotels. Everyone of the Trifecta will have unique factors but will still have some similar elements.

The first part of the operation is land. These hotels will have locations in Tokyo, NYC, Rio, LA, France, Boston, and Milan. When you walk into the hotel there will be ceiling high waterwalls on either side of you and then a table with seasonal flower arrangements and huge chandeliers. The best rooms in the hotel are the four ones on the top floor. They each have four bedrooms and bathrooms, a lounge with floor to ceiling windows, and a dining room with fabulous views. On the second to top floor there is a big pool with rivers leading to hot tubs. There is also a gym with 360 views and 3 different restaurants.

The airplanes are decently small but are very luxurious. When you board the plane you are gifted with designer toiletry kits and pjs made of the finest Italian silk. The airplane has ten guest suites which are all lined up along the perimeter of the cabin, a bar and a lounge. Inside the guest suites There is not only a seat but a seat and a bed, there is also, a tv, storage drawers, vases of fresh flowers, and a table for dining.

The last part of the chain are the cruise ships. There are family cruise ships and then the adult only cruise ships. On the family cruise ships there is a Flowrider which is a surf imitator, Three pools and then one adults pool, seven waterslides, four dining halls which include a formal dining room, an around the world rotating buffet, a desert hall which include a make your own cupcake bar and a sweet crepe bar, the last dining hall is a theatre dining room which is where you eat and watch shows depending on the night like how on Monday it is a Broadway musical and on Thursday it is figure skating. The ship also includes a grand promenade lining the inside of the ship. On the adults ship There are three restaurants inside the ship and then one restaurant on the top deck, also on the top deck there are five jacuzzis with rivers flowing between them. There are three decks with rooms and the higher deck you are on the fancier the room. The fanciest room onboard includes a full king bed, a full living room, a bathroom adorned with a massive jacuzzi style bathtub, A hollywood style vanity, and buttons to do things such as: summon a hairdresser, makeup or nail professional to fix you up. The room also includes a barbie style closet stocked rent the runway style, and a dining room with ocean views, but if you are going to be dining in your room you are going to need a fabulous room service menu which includes food styles from all around the world.

Be sure to book now because reservations are going fast!

Christmas in Porkopolis

During winter break my family went to Park City, Utah on vacation to go skiing. We had picked perfect days to go there because it did not stop snowing. I love skiing because of the rush you get wile speeding down the hill really fast and because of all of the beautiful views.

11766785795_3ff47a9b22_k-300x199.jpgAfter our four day trip to Utah we all went back to Cincinnati, Ohio where my grandparents live. In Cincinnati, I got to visit my grandparents and all of my
family over a succession of christmas parties.  Over christmas we went to the Festival of Lights where they hang lights EVERYWHERE around the Cincinnati Zoo. It is absolutely dazzling!  My favorite part is the the big tree in the middle of the lake where they play music and the tree lights up in crazy ways.

I love the Festival of Lights because of just how whimsical the zoo becomes. It feels like you are stepping into another world.

Table2Farm = Yummy2Belly

My brother Benji ready to eat!

My friend Chef Mike Betts’s farm dinner showcased delectable, edgy cuisine in a beautiful outdoor farm setting. As the night got darker, it was really cool how the stars illuminated the whole sky and, combined with water candles (which my mom blew up), provided light for the table.  Here were some of the highlights for my tastebuds:
IMG_0484The first dish that we had was chicken lever mousse, which was whipped to perfection and was a pillowy treat atop perfectly buttered crostini.  As we sat down to the table, which was wooden planks perched upon hay bales, one of my favorite dishes was the four tomato plate with lemon basil, burnt ham, and tomatoes that were like flavor bombs.  The last dish of the evening was chocolate beet puree cake with candied beets and a merengue cookie crisp, which brought the night to a close with a sweet ending.

IMG_0418 2During dinner, we took an interesting tour of the farm and saw the garden where most of the vegetables and fruit grew. Another one of the cool ingredients that were sprinkled into all of the courses were microgreens, grown by Matt from Greens Above Ground.  I didn’t know much about microgreens, and I liked that he took the time to explain them to me as he was cutting them for pretty plating.

Pretty plating makes food even more all around awesome !

Inspired by Beauty

10672382_10153194916797802_1689299058240384174_nCarla Fernandez was a fashion show that had beautifully flowing clothing, with intricate Latin American patterns that were inspired by the Spanish tiles inside the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. As an artist in residence, she not only took her inspiration from the museum but had her show hosted in the new entertainment space as well.  If you have time go check out the tiles and see the mermaids and lions for yourself.  But, go twice: once in the day to see all the natural light flow and examine the collections, and once at night to see how beautiful it is when lit up.  I couldn’t stop saying, “This is so beautiful!” as I walked through her whole house.

Carla’s fashions stood out to me because of the beautiful draping.  You have to really understand fabric and cutting and sewing and how it all lays to get that right.  I haven’t yet tried it, but I know from what Jay Calderin has told me, it’s not that simple.

And the winners are…

The winners of Descience runway show were:

For Most Inspirational Outfit, Chosen By The Prestigious Panel: Cytocouture, the one male-modeled outfit, a unisex Transformable/Reversible clothing system.  I would wear this, but maybe in a different configuration, as it doesn’t work well with fifth grade gym.10641157_666292766866_2588242958729840081_n

And For Peoples Choice, chosen by the jury of the world, one of my favorites, Orphacure.  It was designed by Candice Wu, whom I’ve blogged about in the past, and was inspired by cerebral cavernous malformation and endothelial cells.10150517_666293096206_7301821744863696086_n

My favorite design, however, was Cryptic, a beautiful flowing design inspired by dynamic nuclear envelope.  My favorite part of this outfit was the necklace, which was made to look like the outside of the envelope and was a perfect finishing touch to this outfit.

Design + Science = Descience!

Last week I went to MIT and met with Yuly Fuentes-Medel, founder of the Descience Project.  (She saw me give my TEDxCambridge talk and wanted to meet me!) Yuly gave me a tour of MIT’s world famous Media Lab, where I got to see 3-D printers and brushes that after touching any material would paint their patterns on computer screens.  My favorite was a dress that someone had created straight our of a formula.

But, I was there to see Fashion Descience, a project which combines fashion and research to inspire innovation among designers.  The Descience process is made out of four steps: Inspiration, connection, collaboration, and a runway show. Through these steps a scientist will create a profile and then the designers will “shop” for inspiration, collaborating along the way, and finally creating something beautiful from the scientist’s research.

The looks will be modeled on the runway on September 19th.  Make sure you visit their site and vote for your favorite team.  The team with the most votes will be named “Peoples Choice” and win $500.  I also encourage you to donate and get involved and even attend so that we can make it a fantastic night.

A Scoop of Glamour

Sneak Peek!
Sneak Peek!

While on a tour of the Museum of Fine Arts with Pamela Parmal and Michelle Finamore (who work in the department of fashion and textile arts) and Claudia Iannuccilli (of the conservation lab) I learned that a new exhibit called Hollywood Glamour would open on September 10. I got to see some of the outfits being conserved and the floor plans and exhibit space under construction. I can’t wait for this exhibit to open.

Here’s why: when you first step into the room, you will be momentarily blinded by the gold and silver paint and silks and sparkles! But when your vision returns, you will see all glitz and glamour Hollywood had in the 1920s and 1930s. With a grand sweeping staircase on which mannequins display the dresses, all of which have met the bar, being either beaded, shimmery, sparkly, or all of the above. On the other side of the room, there will be jewelry cases and descriptions of the fashions. All of this is filling the glass to the brim.


But then, adding the screen playing clips of old Hollywood movies, and big prints of film icons puts the glass over the top (in a good way)!

Here’s a fun fact: These dresses that will be displayed were created custom for the actress who would wear them, and these actresses were short. So, in the lab where they are conserving the dresses, you see pieces of traditional sized mannequins scattered on the floor in an effort to make them shorter. For some of them, like Mae West — I learned the word curvaceous — they had to add pads!